2 2 Calais - Dover
One Of The Best Spots Ever!

When it comes to celebrating the New Year's London is simply UNMATCHED by any other European capital. Whether you wished to treat yourself and love ones to memorable getaway rich in sightseeing and entertainment or making your New Year vows at the foot of Big Ben spearing into London's night skies lighting up with a display of stunning pyrotechnics this great metropolitan city will not fail any of your expectations. More Info...

Windsor   Stonehenge   London   Dover   Calais  
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€329 /€289 /€120

Looking for that eventful, exciting and affordable getaway? Here is one that is sure to exceed any expectations! Packed with diversity from sightseeing Amsterdam to Brussels and from London to Windsor castle, there is also ample time to indulge with friends an family and harness memories to last a lifetime. More Info...

Volendam   London   Luxembourg   Amsterdam   Zaanse Schans   Windsor   Brussels  
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€199 /€149 /€100
€199 /€149 /€100
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A perfect Sun Break!

The world's undisputed most famous and beautiful coastline is now made more affordable and reachable than ever before. Stay in picturesque Cannes home of the International Film and Jazz Festivals, visit Nice the Queen of the Riviera and extend your experience to visit one of the World's most exquisite independent state of Monaco. This is a weekend Getaway away bound to be as exotic and indulging as to materialize that special escape treat you have long been waiting for! More Info...

Cannes   Como   Eze   French Riviera   Nice   Monte Carlo  
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€249 /€189 /€110
There is Nothing like it!

The city of Venice is an extravaganza of sight and sound. From the Bridge of Sighs to the decadent architecture that hangs across the city’s skyline. Echoes of past lives can be found everywhere you go, and this is no more so true than at the Venice Carnival in the ten days before Lent. The Carnival has a tradition that stretches back to Roman times. Join the Festival of mask, with all your senses – 6 senses for 6 sentiri – attend it, feel it for one full day: food tasting, costume parades, free shows. More Info...

Verona   Padova   Venice   Murano  
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€179 /€149 /€100
€179 /€149 /€100
Express Trip
Express but unforgettable!

This event is like NO other. This is definitely the best of European MARDI GRAS and just for one day you can be whomever you wish to be. Whether you've never been or a return visitor this is the one trip you don't to miss, don't forget your mask!! More Info...

Venice   Murano  
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€119 /€89 /€69
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Most Popular!

From Pisa and its iconic leaning Tower to Florence the Capital of Tuscany and Cradle of the Renaissance to Eternal Rome and its enclaved Vatican State and priceless museum collections we visit and admire Italy's most celebrated sights. We will even have the opportunity to walk the forgotten Roman City of Pompeii, visit Sorrento and exquisite Island of Capri, and crown it all with a farewell bid through Venice's stunning Canals. More Info...

Florence   Pisa   Rome   The Vatican   Capri   Sorrento   Pompeii   Venice  
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€369 /€289 /€120
3 3
Best of Both Worlds.

Beauty and indulgence is written all over this unique itinerary that is packed with one surprise after another. The French Riviera, that picture-perfect stretch of beach-hugging Mediterranean coastline, is a fabled playground of the rich-and-famous. From Nice and Cannes to Monte Carlo, Monaco is complemented by a stay in stunning Rapallo the perfect pier to visit the Hemmingway's eternalized "Cinque Terre" and Portofino we have an itinerary that is designed not only to be most memorable but bound to exceed your expectations. More Info...

Cannes   Nice   Monte Carlo   French Riviera   Eze   Monterosso   Rapallo   Vernazza   Cinque Terre   Levante   Portofino  
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€369 /€299 /€120
Express Trip
Best of The East in Nutshell

Travel into the "old world" on this tour to Vienna, Budapest, and Prague experiencing the charm of an age gone by. VIENNA’S Old World ambience is dictated in part by its grand architecture (especially its palaces and the imposing structures along the curving, 19th-century Ringstrasse). Equally influential is its distinctive and pervasive attitude of sophisticated relaxation. Vienna’s coffeehouses, waltz music, Volksoper musicals, wine taverns and Sacher torte all help create that special warmth and coziness the Viennese call gemutlichkeit. Budapest on the other hand was preserved by its people's consistency to be friendly and hospitable and has all the majesty and beauty of a capital one must see to also understand why it was dubbed Paris of the East. And that is not all, from here we coronate this memorable experience with a visit of the Golden City of Prague summarizing thus the best the East has to offer. More Info...

The Puzta   Budapest   Prague  
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€319 /€279 /€120
8 8 2
Explore the land Explorers!

Explore the world of explorers and delve into their fascinating origins depicted by beautiful architecture, tasty foods and dramatic countryside. From picturesque Porto to vibrant Lisbon and from Andalusian Spain to majestic Madrid this rare trip promises nothing short of an an ultimate experience you sure don't want to miss! It even offers an opportunity fro a day trip to Morocco for that exotic escape from the ordinary. More Info...

Cascais   Cordoba   Costa Del Sol   Évora   Granada   Lisbon   Madrid   Porto   Seville   Sintra   Toledo   Torremolinos   Tangier   Frankfurt   Nuremberg  
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€799 /€639 /€250
4 12
Best of The East in Nutshell

Long awaited and well deserved! Welcome the Spring where it blossoms best at one of Europe's most popular destinations at the wildly picturesque Costa Brava, a coastline that boasts Mediterranean coves with picturesque beaches, plenty of sunshine to relax and rejuvenate! Lloret de Mar, our preferred resort and easily manageable town is now preparing for the busy season and you are to find abundant food and entertainment options, but also several indoor and outdoor recreation options that vary from Sky Diving to Scuba Diving, go-kart race tracks, Horseback riding to a multitude of basket, soccer courts and fields. Trip also offers day excursions to Barcelona, Montserrat Monastery, includes daily breakfast, lunch and Dinner leaving you and your family consuming quality time you've long waited for. More Info...

Figueres   Barcelona   Torderra   Montserrat   Llorett De Mar  
Departures & Prices
€399 /€299 /€120
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