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The Best of Croatia in a Nutshell!

A rare find and a fantastic opportunity to explore some of the Adriatic's most beautiful pearls from resort town of Split to Zadar and Havr Island highlighting Beautiful Dubrovnik today's filming sites for King's Landing such as St Dominika Street, Bokar Fortress and more... ...


Day 1
Evening departure
Evening departure from selected locations.

Day 2
Zadar - Split
Morning arrival to Zadar and orientation tour followed by some free to explore.
We then depart for Split to investigate some of Croatia's main coastal attractions.
We finish our last leg of the journey in Split, the second-largest city in Croatia and the largest city in the region of Dalmatia. Our local guide will point out its most important landmarks before checking into our first-class hotel. 2
Day 3
Dubrovnik Excursion
Spend the day in Split, or else you may opt to join us on an excursion to Dubrovnik as we travel south, one of Europe's most charming Gems. The city of Dubrovnik and one that is repeatedly ranked among the must-sees of the Adriatic. A tour of the city and its walls offers a perfect understanding of what this unique capital is one of the most interesting in the Mediterranean sea.
Free time to enjoy great shopping and stunning views before returning to Split.
Day 4
Split - Havr
Sleep in this morning and indulge, walk the streets and markets of Split for the remainder of the day.
The afternoon is free for your own activities or join us on an excursion to the picturesque island of Hvar.
Later this evening we leave Split for our return overnight to journey onto Austria.
Day 5
Salzburg - Home
Upon arrival to the city of music, we are joined by our local guide for a walking tour pointing out the most prominent landmark, among them the Mozart's House. There will be plenty of time to explore, enjoy lunch and collect Austrian memorabilia before continuing our journey home.
Early to the late evening, return to points of origin.

The three-thousand-year-old city's heart is its Old Town, which offers fantastic sightseeing attractions, including Roman ruins, medieval architecture, and numerous old churches. Equally tempting for visitors are beautiful beaches along Zadar's coastline, an ideal location to swim and relax. What more is there to ask for? /
Hvar is a beautiful Croatian island off the Dalmatian Coast, favored for its spectacular beaches, lavender fields, and lush vineyards. Hvar Town with Gothic palaces, stunning churches, and an imposing old fortress. The natural beauty of Hvar offers plenty of outdoor recreation, from hiking on the cliffs to swimming in the secluded coves and beaches. Join us on this full-day outing. €45/ €30
Overlooking the calm blue waters of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is one of the world's most magnificent walled cities. The city has often been referred to as the "Pearl of the Adriatic." It was inducted into the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979 as a city of rich culture and history. Join our local guide to discover the city and take time to stroll through the historical city center during the time at your leisure. €55/ €40
Salzburg is world-famous for many things. Mozart's birthplace, setting for the musical The Sound of Music, and hosting each year the prominent Salzburg Music and Drama Festival. The splendor and well-preserved Barrock architecture of the once-powerful Bishopric city is a perfect backdrop to experience this centerstage of culture and added it to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. /
Mozart's House
The celebrated composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was born on the third floor of the "Hagenauer House" Getreidegasse 9, on January 27, 1756. A museum is now welcoming you into the original rooms containing historical instruments, including Mozart's violin and clavichord. Documents, memorabilia, and portraits painted during his lifetime are reflecting his life in Salzburg. /

Note: Listed priced activities are offered as optional excursion package, listed highlights may be require entrance fees to access that can be paid for locally and may be subject to availability and holiday closures.

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Europe's Most Colorful Event!

The city of Venice is an extravaganza of sight and sound. From the Bridge of Sighs to the decadent architecture that hangs across the city’s skyline. Echoes of past lives can be found everywhere you go, and this is no more so true than at the Venice Carnival in the ten days before Lent. The Carnival has a tradition that stretches back to Roman times. Join the Festival of mask, with all your senses – 6 senses for 6 sentiri – attend it, feel it for one full day: food tasting, costume parades, free shows. ...


Day 1
Departure to Venice

Departure to Italy from selected points.
Day 2
Morning arrival at Venice, waterbus transfer into Venice's center and orientation tour highlighting the St Mark's Square and it surroundings. Today a costume parade as per Venetian tradition as to set the scene for the splendor and magical atmosphere of a the famous Carnevale. A reminiscent historical parade with hundreds of figures represents the dignitaries and soldiers of the Serenissima Republic, accompanying the twelve “Marie” to St. Mark's Square reminding of the 12 most beautiful girls in the city that were kidnapped and then saved by the Venetian army.
Following some free time to explore and enjoy we leave for nearby Padua for overnight Stay.
This evening see your tour guide for evening outing suggestions. 1
Day 3
Verona - Home
Following breakfast and check out we leave for Verona famous for Romeo & Juliet's Balcony and it Roma Amphitheater.
There will be an opportunity for luch and souvernir shopping before journeying back to poits of origin.
Dinner break enroute in Switzerland.

Venice Water Bus
The Vaporetto gets both locals and visitors to the places they want and need to go throughout Venice. Because traveling the canals is the easiest way to get around the city, the water bus has long been the most efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation, aside from walking. /
Arena di Verona
Built in the first century, the Verona Arena is an open-air Roman amphitheater that is still entirely in use today, making it one of the best-preserved ancient structures in the world. The Arena was initially used to host gladiator, circus, and equestrian events. Now it is used to host concerts and, most famously, an opera season every summer, creating a unique atmosphere of an open-air spectacle. /
Milan Shopping
Taking a stroll through elegant streets and the outer limits of the famous Fashion Quadrilatero, we will have the chance to visit the most prestigious boutiques and showrooms in the world. Stunning jewels created by the most renowned name, clothes, and accessories that are to die for, to be owned and flaunted. Just the shoes alone are a work of art. /
Probably better known as the city of St. Anthony or as the economic capital of Veneto, Padua is one of the most important Art Cities in Italy. It is a beautiful, historic city with many piazzas, churches, and rich history and home to one of the oldest universities of Europe. /
Piazza dei Signori
Once Verona's former center of power, the Piazza dei Signori is now a city square in Padua. With its unique history and contribution to the government, it hosts official civics and government celebrations. It is also where the Dante statue is located and surrounded by critical main buildings of the former city government, including the court and the seat of power of the Scaliger family. /
Piazza delle Erbe
Once being the Roman Forum is now an excellent open-air market surrounded by historic buildings with frescoes and peppered with sculptures. Having some of the best restaurants in Verona, as well as having places to shop at. It has become a popular meeting point for Veronese since Roman times. /
Venice is one of the most exciting and lovely places in the world. Walking through narrow stone paths across the 400 bridges that span the 114 canals will revile modern life an old-world charisma. This sanctuary on a lagoon is virtually the same as six hundred years ago and has its romantic charm despite its changes over 600 hundred years. /
Carnival in Venice
One of the world's most famous carnivals, the Venetian Carnival, dates to 1162. For ten days before Lent, the streets of Venice are flooded with masked people in full costume. Initially, this was a time for festivities when Venetians allowed themselves to break every law and remain anonymous while using their masks. /
Gondola Ride
Float beneath bridges, beside cafes, under balconies, as your gondolier sweeps you down the Grand Canal. A relaxing and romantic gondola ride reveals all the charm, excitement, and passion of Venice and the Venetians'. €36/
Murano Glas
From the High Middle Ages to the Italian Renaissance, Europe's primary center for luxury glass. Glassmakers were well known and still are for their unparalleled quality, exquisite range of colors, and, not to forget, unmatched craftsmanship. /
Northern lagoon
Linked to the cultural history and beauty of Venice. The Northern Lagoon, with its varied landscape, is famous for its islands like Burano and Torcello. If it weren't for the lagoon mudbanks, shallows, and channels, Venice wouldn't be what is today. /

Note: Listed priced activities are offered as optional excursion package, listed highlights may be require entrance fees to access that can be paid for locally and may be subject to availability and holiday closures.

An extraordinary weekend Getaway awaits you on this northern explorer Mini cruise to Norway, Sweden and Denmark via Hamburg. Intertwined in Europe's foremost origin these countries share the highest quality of life, beautiful scenery and vibrant capitals. From Oslo to Copenhagen we are in for one more beautiful surprise after another. ...


Day 1
Evening Departure

Evening departure from selected pickup locations and overnight travel to Hamburg Germany.
Day 2
Hamburg - Kiel
Morning arrival to Hamburg and opportunity for Breakfast. A local guide will take us on sightseeing tour highlighting Germany’s second largest city and one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan. There will be some free time to explore vibrant center or else take a harbor cruise through the Speicherstadt (depending on the tide), HafenCity, watergates and canals, past the shipyards to the Container Terminal at Altenwerder, Waltershof harbour with its ocean cruisers and back to the Elbe past Övelgönne, the harbour's edge, Hamburg's "String of Pearls" and entertainment mile, back to the landing stages.
We then continue to the port of Kiel and check-into our Colorline Cruise to Oslo, Norway. (14:00)
Enjoy the many amenites onbard offering a variety of dining options, fitness room, spa and much more. 1
Day 3
Oslo - Gothenburg
10:00 Arrival to Oslo, Norway’s capital for a guided tour of its most prominent highlights such as the Fram Museum hosting the polar ship Fram, a wooden vessel that traveled along the Arctic Sea in the late 1800s. Take a tour of the powerful schooner — the first boat to reach the South Pole — and learn about life at sea in the harsh polar conditions There will be some free time to explore perhaps visit Vigelandsparken is one of Norway's most visited attractions with more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and cast iron.
Later this afternoon we continue our coastal drive to Gothenburg, Sweden for our next overnight stay.
Day 4
Helsingborg – Helsingr - Kronborg - Copenhagen
We leave this morning for the city of Helsingborg, Sweden where we have an opportunity to sample and shop for Swedish specialties before taking a brief ferry crossing to Denmark where are to find the actual castle that Shakespeare set Hamlet in! There are many mysteries surrounding Shakespeare and whether or not he ever visited Kronborg Castle is one of them.
Upon hotel check in later on in Copenhagen we are invited on a sightseeing tour of Copenhagen such as the Royal Palace, the popular harbor district of Nyhavn to Amalienborg Palace, winter residence of the Royal Family, Rosenborg Castle, home of the crown jewels are protected by the Royal and of course the Gefion Fountain and the Little Mermaid, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale.
Spend this evening at own leisure or else you may decide to join us to a smorgasbord dinner experience followed by a visit to Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens, the world’s oldest theme parks, the Tivoli right in the heart of the city and its culture district. 1
Day 5
Copenhagen - Home
Spend the morning exploring the Capital perhaps crown your experience with attending the famous Changing of the Guards at the Royal palace of Ameliensborg. We leave early afternoon for the Port of Rodby to catch our brief cruise back to Puttgarden Germany before continuing our homeward journey arriving late evening hours.

With a rich history that is evident in its historical buildings and ancient streets, dozens of world class museums and galleries, the uniquely enchanting Tivoli Gardens, and a resident monarchy that is the oldest in the world, the Danish capital has a host of attractions to suit all tastes. /
The smallest and most southern of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark offers an interesting mix of lively cities and rural countryside. Ancient castles, ring forts, jazz festivals, the sleekest modern design you'll ever see and the people who invented Lego - who could ask for more? /
Tivoli is the world’s oldest and most-visited seasonal theme park Get ready for a truly unique experience! Tivoli has been thrilling visitors since it opened its gates in 1843. It's the second-oldest theme park in the world and the world’s most-visited seasonal theme park. Its delightful mix of rides, attractions, performances and culture make it a treat for adults and children alike. /

Note: Listed priced activities are offered as optional excursion package, listed highlights may be require entrance fees to access that can be paid for locally and may be subject to availability and holiday closures.

Europe's Northwest couldn't be more diverse and yet intriguingly intertwined as is experienced on this unique trip setting the scene for the holidays. ...


Day 1
Evening departure from selected pickup locations

PM post work hours departure from selected pickup locations.
Day 2
Amsterdam - Cruise to Newcastle, England

Day 3
Newcastle - Edinburgh

Day 4
The Highlands

Day 5
The Hadrian wall - Newcastle

Day 6
Amsterdam - Brussels - Return

A network of charming canals, stunning waterfronts and architecture, lush green parks, museums, history, fantastic food, and a great nightlife make Amsterdam an excellent place for everybody’s taste. /
Anne Frank House
The museum dedicated to keeping Anne Frank's story alive uses modern media to provide educational background information about Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. The young Jewish girl's diary is on display. The actual hiding place of the family is accessible and a place of reflection. /
Canal Ride in A'dam
Lined with beautiful 17th and 18th-century houses and crossed by hundreds of bridges, the canals are a gorgeous sight and a focal point for Amsterdammers and visitors alike. A canal ride offers a unique window into the city's history and the lifestyle of its residents. €12/ €6
Scotland is about half the size of England and is mainly known for its cities Edinburgh and Glasgow, and its highlands, mountains, and 30,000 lochs. Rich in ancient castles, remote wilderness, dramatic landscapes, and challenging golf, Scotland is a place to visit at least once in your life. /
Medieval buildings share the pavements with striking modern structures, making it one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. The Scottish capital is a center of culture and the arts and is especially well-known for its festivals. /
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle is one of the oldest fortified places in Europe. Battles and sieges were fought over it, royalty lived and died within its walls, and countless generations have been and inspired by it. It is alive with many exciting tales with a long, rich history as a royal residence, military garrison, prison, and fortress. €18/ €10
Excursions to the Highlands
A scenic day where rugged mountains and wooded slopes are reflected in the waters of lochs. We start our day in "Braveheart" country, past Bannockburn and Stirling with its crag-top castle. This is Scotland's heritage capital, where the Wars of Independence. €45/ €25
The Handrians Wall
Built by an Emperor of Rome from AD 117 until AD 138, Hadrian; decided to make a wall to "separate Romans from the barbarians." It is now in ruins due to battles but considered the most essential and substantial of Roman remains in Britain and one of the most dramatic features of the landscape of northern England. /
Belgium's rich history has left impressive architecture and art, dating back to the early Middle Ages. Three distinct linguistic regions developed with three official languages: Flemish-Dutch, French, and German. Count in English as a 4th unofficial language and explore the country. /
Belgian Chocolate
Ensure you buy genuine handmade Belgian chocolates that are not made anywhere else. There are thousands of varieties to choose from and endless choices to be made. While sightseeing and walking between monument stop by at chocolate shops and find your favored. /
La Grand Place
La Grand Place is the central, geographic, and historic heart of Brussels and one of the most memorable squares in Europe. The French army in 1695 almost destroyed the trading center. It was resurrected over time and is now a wonderful hotch-potch of Gothic, opulent baroque, neoclassical, neogothic architecture. UNESCO added the place to the list of World Heritage sites. /
Bastogne & Memorial
The siege of Bastogne, a small Belgium town in the Ardennes, was part of the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. Visitors of the small town now can trace history, walking through the World War II battlefields, touring the Bastogne War Museum, and honoring the memory of American soldiers at Mardasson Memorial. €12/ €8

Note: Listed priced activities are offered as optional excursion package, listed highlights may be require entrance fees to access that can be paid for locally and may be subject to availability and holiday closures.

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Fun and educational for all ages

Reaching Athens by land and by sea you will Celebrate the New Year's before the Parthenon in Europe's most rooted capital, rich in splendid monuments and stunning countryside. This is and introduction to the diversity of Greece with a taste of Italy visiting the independent State of San Marino and Verona home of Romeo and Juliet's. ...

The Greek Islands
San Marino

Day 1
Evening Departure

Evening departure from selected pickup points.
Day 2
San Marino - Ancona
Morning arrival to Rimini area and opportunity for breakfast. We then travel along the picturesque countryside of the independent Republic of San Marino for an orientation tour and some free time to explore and enjoy!
This afternoon we continue to Ancona to board a cruise to Patras, Greece. Sit back and relax, enjoy the many amenities and the Adriatic Sea.
Our overnight cruise will last into late morning hours with Breakfast and lunch on board. 1
Day 3
Patras - Athens
Morning arrival to Patras and continue our journey via of Corinth to Athens and Check-in.

Enjoy the night out at your leisure around the old city center, or else you may decide to join us for a Greek Folklore Dinner show. 2
Day 4
Athens - Cape Sounion
Joined by our local guide, we tour both ancient and modern Athens.
Afternoon optional excursion to Cape Sounion offering stunning sunset views and a unique opportunity to visit the Temple of Poseidon.
Day 5
Delphi - Igoumenitsa - Ancona
Morning departure for Delphi once the site of the Delphic oracle, the most important oracle in the classical Greek world as we will learn during a guided tour.

There will be time to explore before continuing onto Igoumenitsa to board our return cruise to Ancona, Italy. 1
Day 6
Ancona - Verona
Enjoy the amenities on board as we approach the Italian coast. In the afternoon, we arrive at Ancona and continue our journey to charming Verona, the home town of Romeo & Juliet. Check into our hotel.

Day 7
Verona- Home
We spend the morning exploring the many facets this inspiring city has to offer; make sure we sample some of its culinary specialties for lunch and grab our favorite Italian must take-home favorites.
Our homeward journey takes us through Alpines. Time permitting, stop at Switzerland for dinner.
We return to points of origin in evening hours.

The City of San Marino
also known simply as San Marino, is the capital city of the Republic of San Marino on the Italian peninsula, near the Adriatic Sea. The city has a population of 4,493. It is on the western slopes of San Marino's highest point, Monte Titano. /
San Marino
San Marino, officially the Republic of San Marino also known as the Most Serene Republic of San Marino is a state situated on the Italian peninsula on the eastern side of the Apennine Mountains. It is an enclave surrounded by Italy. Its size is just over 24 sq mi with an estimated population of over 30,000.Of the world's 193 independent countries, San Marino is the fifth smallest and – arguably – the most curious. How it exists at all is something of an enigma. A sole survivor of Italy's once powerful city-state network, secure in its status as the world's oldest surviving sovereign state and its oldest republic (since AD 301). San Marino also enjoys the lowest unemployment rate in Europe and one of the planet's highest GDPs /
Ancona has been an important trade center since Roman times when the Emperors Caesar and Trajan fortified and developed it into a naval base. It has a fantastic combination of modern facilities and historical buildings such as the Arco di Traiano and the Mole Vanvitelliana. /
Greek Dinner & Show
Greek cuisine and folklore is another side of Greece that can not be described as it is experienced! to Athens and the renowned Plaka district at the base of the Acropolis, you'll enjoy dinner with a live floor show at a typical Greek taverna. €39/ €28
The impact of ancient Greece on the Western world can't be overstated. The notion of democracy, the concept of the atom, the image of the Earth as round, the scientific method itself -- all these and more had their birth in the writings of ancient Greece but seeing it in real life at the Acropolis, Delphi and Olympia is far more exhilarating most visitors had hoped for. Of course few places on earth rival the diversity it offers from its islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Paros, Naxos and Rhodes with their beautiful beaches to its cuisine, nightlife and archaeological sites no to mention the Peloponnese with its high mountains and beautiful coast with some 300 days of sunshine. /
Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon
Ruins of the temple of Poseidon in Sounion Attica. Preserved are part of the north side of the peristyle and of the facade of the pronaos. The temple was built at the same time as Parthenon, in the decade 450-440 B.C., on the foundations of an older build €30/ €20
Athens City Tour
The City Tour of Athens (Approx. 2 hrs.): Joined by a local guide we tour all most important highlights of ancient Athens: A few of the highlights: The Acropolis, The Olympic Stadium, Zeus Temple, and more... (Much of the touring around the ruins is /
Piazza dei Signori
Once Verona's former center of power, the Piazza dei Signori is now a city square in Padua. With its unique history and contribution to the government, it hosts official civics and government celebrations. It is also where the Dante statue is located and surrounded by critical main buildings of the former city government, including the court and the seat of power of the Scaliger family. /
Piazza delle Erbe
Once being the Roman Forum is now an excellent open-air market surrounded by historic buildings with frescoes and peppered with sculptures. Having some of the best restaurants in Verona, as well as having places to shop at. It has become a popular meeting point for Veronese since Roman times. /
Superfast Liner
Our Super Fast Liner offers a wide variety of entertainment - a selection of bars, discos, and casinos. Two fully stocked bars offer every taste from beers to cocktails while the young and young at heart can enjoy the latest hits on the Super. /
Delphi is both an archaeological site and a modern town in Greece on the south-western spur of Mount Parnassus in the valley of Phocis. This is home of the Oracle of Apollo one of the most popular ancient sites. €15/ €10

Note: Listed priced activities are offered as optional excursion package, listed highlights may be require entrance fees to access that can be paid for locally and may be subject to availability and holiday closures.

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A great affordable getaway no one can afford to miss!

Our resort, Lloret de Mar, is the largest resort at the Costa Brava, 40 miles northeast of Barcelona. It offers a mile-long safe and sandy beach and exotic palm-lined promenade — activities including para-sailing, water skiing, a Water Park. Lloret is THE undisputed nightlife capital of the Costa Brava. To complement your stay we offer a range of excursions, visiting nearby places of interest. ...

Costa Brava
Llorett De Mar

Day 1
Evening Departure.

Departure to Spain via France.
Day 2
Llorett De Mar, Costa Brava, Spain
Breakfast stop in France and morning arrival at the Costa Brava. Check-in and time at your own leisure.
Your tour manager will gladly assist you with any travel request you might have.
Lloret de Mar, this place lights up at night, find entertainment bars, discos, and clubs to party until the early hours or longer. 2
Day 3
Barcelona and Montserrat
Time at your leisure or meet up for an excursion to cosmopolitan Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. During the panoramic tour, our local guide points out many historical sites and modern attractions. Continue the discovery during your free time in this vibrant city.
Late afternoon return to the Lloret de Mar.
Tonight you have the opportunity to join the Medieval Dinner. Be transported back 400 years and find yourself in a castle during the Middle Ages; enjoy a dinner and dancing show with the Count and Countess.
Day 4
Andorra Excursion
Sign up for more shopping of local products, leather goods, and tokens of this vacation. A short bus ride to a nearby town brings you to a street market with a tradition of 150 years, featuring 300+ stalls.
Upon return to Lloret, relax at the hotel, the beach, cafes, and cocktail bars before a late-night evening departure towards home.
Day 5
Homeward Travel

Midday arrival to points of origin.

Costa Brava
is a 160-kilometre stretch of beautiful, rugged coastline in the region of Catalonia in the northeast corner of Spain. International tourist resorts alongside unspoiled fishing villages, sheltered rocky coves, and medieval towns with ancient castles.. /
Lorett de Mar
Lloret de Mar is a self contained resort where you'll find enough beaches, bars, restaurants, shops and entertainment to keep you busy throughout your holiday. Besides a wealth of water sports provided along Lloret's six miles stretch of coastline, there's a huge range of other activities here including go-karting, tennis, parascending, or excursions to be enjoyed within easy driving distance. /
The climate of Spain, historical and cultural monuments and its geographic position together with its facilities make Spain's one of the best vacations spots in the world. Spanish territory includes the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast, and two autonomous cities in North Africa, Ceuta and Melilla, that border Morocco. Because of its location, the territory of Spain was subject to many external influences and is today offering a rich culture well worth a visit through out the year. /
Medieval Jousting & Flamenco Show
Medieval Jousting goes back to the Don Quijotte area, during this extraordinary evening outing before the tournament of knights. We will be first received at the Grand Hall of the castle by the Count and Countess and their court. Once seated in the arena the dinner will be served and we the challenging knights will be of great entertainment. As during the Middle ages the Jousting Tournament ends with feasting, music and dancing but and in our case a Flamenco Show. €47/ €35
Barcelona City Tour
For some Barcelona is an Olympic City for others where Christopher Columbus sailed off.It boasts outstanding Gothic and Art Nouveau buildings, and some great museums ­ most notably those dedicated to Picasso and Catalan art. There will be photo stops, views and clues of a distinguished Capital, that of proud Catalonia. €26/ €16
Dali Museum
This where the painter died in 1989 and is the most visited in the whole of Catalunya. The museum was built on the site of the old city theatre and later it was extended by the addition of the Gorgot tower now called the Galatea tower. The museum is w €35/ €20
Scuba Diving
Discover the magical world of the blue Mediterranean Sea from within. Join us on a nearly full day excursion that will start with an indispensible safety course then an instructed exhilarating dive to remember for a lifetime! This has been ofetne voted as the best experience of a trip to Spain €55/
Beach Party
A lot of fun at a beach reachable only by boat, all you can eat barbeques, beach games and water sport, lots of funs for an entire afternoon €25/
Tordera Fleamarket
Option to visit Europe's largest flea market at the town of Tordera where thousands flock every Sunday to find best bargain in anything from Spanish craftwork such as leather goods to chicks and goats…Transportation and Tour Escort included €12/ €5

Note: Listed priced activities are offered as optional excursion package, listed highlights may be require entrance fees to access that can be paid for locally and may be subject to availability and holiday closures.