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400 Year Maylower Crossing

Looking for that suitable and meaningful getaways to celebrate one of America's dearest holidays? Here is one that traces America's origins to Mayflower's sailing site in Plymouth where we have our Thanksgiving Dinner (Included), its everlasting ties to England and the freedom we came to cherish while remembering the sacrifices in Normandy. More Info...

Normandy   Caen   Arromanches   Omaha Beach   Dover   London   Windsor   Stonehenge   Portsmouth  
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An Experience Of A Lifetime!

Italy's Finest sights: Rome, Florence, Pisa, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri are not only a must see but are also best seen during this unique time frame. The Vatican dressed at its best with its huge Christmas tree and and magnificent Nativity is beautifully integrated in an eternal Rome that offeres a serene setting to celebrate Chrsitams like nowhere in Europe. The visits ofFlorence & Venice and the opportunity to even explore extraordinary Pompeii, Capri and of course the integration of a Midnight experience make up for colorful additions to a Christmas getaway you will cherish for a lifetime! More Info...

Florence   Pompeii   Pisa   Rome   The Vatican   Assisi   Capri   Sorrento   Padova  
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2 2 Calais - Dover
Celebrate at Big Ben!

When it comes to celebrating the New Year's London is simply UNMATCHED by any other European capital. Whether you wished to treat yourself and love ones to memorable getaway rich in sightseeing and entertainment or making your New Year vows at the foot of Big Ben spearing into London's night skies lighting up with a display of stunning pyrotechnics this great metropolitan city will not fail any of your expectations. More Info...

Windsor   Stonehenge   London   Dover   Calais  
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€349 /€269 /€120
11 Pickup Locations 39 Room Types
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Celebrate at the Champs Elysees!

Paris is one of the most colorful and exciting places to celebrate New Year's Eve, whether your preferred style is clubbing the night away, or a simple glass of champagne shared with a small group of friends or loved ones. We will be there at the Champs-Elysees the place be at the center of the party with a good view of the Eiffel Tower sparkling at the stroke of midnight. More Info...

Paris   Versailles   EuroDisney  
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11 Pickup Locations 39 Room Types
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Explore the land of Explorers!

Explore the world of explorers and delve into their fascinating origins depicted by beautiful architecture, tasty foods and dramatic countryside. From picturesque Porto to vibrant Lisbon and from Andalusian Spain to majestic Madrid this rare trip promises nothing short of an an ultimate experience you sure don't want to miss! It even offers an opportunity fro a day trip to Morocco for that exotic escape from the ordinary. More Info...

Cascais   Cordoba   Costa Del Sol   Évora   Granada   Lisbon   Madrid   Porto   Seville   Sintra   Toledo   Torremolinos   Tangier   Frankfurt   Nuremberg  
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Excellent Value!

From Pisa and its iconic leaning Tower to Florence the Capital of Tuscany and Cradle of the Renaissance to Eternal Rome and its enclaved Vatican State and priceless museum collections we visit and admire Italy's most celebrated sights. We will even have the opportunity to walk the forgotten Roman City of Pompeii, visit Sorrento and exquisite Island of Capri, and crown it all with a farewell bid through Venice's stunning Canals. More Info...

Florence   Pisa   Rome   The Vatican   Capri   Sorrento   Pompeii   Venice  
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9 Pickup Locations 39 Room Types
€389 /€289 /€120
9 Pickup Locations 39 Room Types
€399 /€299 /€120
9 Pickup Locations 39 Room Types
€389 /€289 /€120
9 Pickup Locations 39 Room Types
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New Flight Itinerary

Greece is a must see and feel to understand some of civilization's key breakthroughs and this getaway promises to provide with that very insight opportunity and whilst offering some the Mediterranean's most stunning landscapes from Athens to Delphi and Santorini. More Info...

Athens   Cape Sounion   Delphi   Santorini   Frankfurt   Nuremberg   Stuttgart  
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10 Pickup Locations 39 Room Types
€499 /€399 /€159
10 Pickup Locations 39 Room Types
€649 /€529 /€199
10 Pickup Locations 39 Room Types
€629 /€529 /€199
10 Pickup Locations Rooming Missing
€649 /€549 /€199
10 Pickup Locations 39 Room Types
€619 /€539 /€199
10 Pickup Locations 78 Room Types
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