Portugal & Spain PLUS Morocco

Portugal and Spain are today as much of testimony to the reshaping of our world as they were a magnet to some of history's most notable explorers and thriving merchants and this trip will help us delve into their fascinating origins depicted by beautiful architecture, tasty foods and fascinating cultures. From picturesque Porto to vibrant Lisbon and Andalusian Spain we even fit in a rare opportunity for a day trip to Morocco for that exotic escape from the ordinary.

Costa Del Sol
Day 1 From: Frankfurt International
To: Porto
Day 9 From: Madrid
To: Frankfurt International
(*)Subject to change
 Mercure Porto
Day: 1
 Novotel Lisbon
Day: 2
 mercure sevilla
Day: 4
Day: 5
Day: 7

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Buffet Breakfast
Buffet Breakfast
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Buffet Breakfast
Lisbon Half Day 3
Lisbon Half Day 5

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Departure from selected pickup locations in Germany

Departure from various pickup locations. Airport transfer and flight to Porto, Portugal.
Meet and greet your tour manager at the airport, orientation tour, check-in after lunchtime. Enjoy an evening outing tip-toeing into fine Portuguese cuisine and thriving nightlife.
Porto - Obidos - Lisbon

We have time at our leisure before we leave in the early afternoon towards Lisbon.

On the way, stop at the medieval town of Óbidos, one of the most picturesque gems of Portugal.
We then continue to Lisbon and check into our hotel.
Lisbon - Sintra

A local guide introduces us to the proud capital city of Portugal, its fascinating history, and beautiful monuments.

Enjoy the remainder of the evening exploring, or you may wish to join us on an optional excursion to Sintra.
See your tour guide for an opportunity to attend a typical Fado dinner show.
Evora - Seville

Today we are traveling to Spain but not before we visit Evora, a UNESCO World Heritage City famous for the 16th-century chapel decorated with bones, skulls, and entire bodies hanging from the wall.

We continue to Seville, the capital and the largest city of the Spanish region, the Andalusian, famous for its historic churches and palaces, Moorish buildings, flamenco dancing, and more.
Enjoy an evening strolling through the historical city center.
Seville - Cordoba - Torremolinos

See the highlights and hidden gems of Seville with a local on your side. Learn about the history of Andalusia its long history and its complex society.

Next stop in Andalusia is Cordoba. A visit to the mosque-cathedral of Cordoba is another must-see monument documenting tumultuous times.
We continue our journey to the Costa De Sol and check into our hotel in the resort town of Torremolinos.
Excursion Alhambra, Granada

A vacation day at the beach resort or opportunity to visit Granada's Alhambra, a magnificent palace and fortress complex also often called a Moorish architectural masterpiece.

Excursion to Tangier Morocco.

Enjoy the day at your leisure, or get a taste of Africa. Join us on a full-day excursion, crossing The Strait of Gibraltar to Tangier, Morocco, where exotic flair ranges from beautiful coastline to great shopping and tasty cuisine.

Homeward flight

Airport transfers and homeward flights.

Portugal is one of the most inexpensive and fascinating destinations in Europe. It has a rich seafaring past, superb beach resorts, wistful towns and cities, and a landscape wreathed in olive groves, vineyards and wheat fields. Four decades of dictatorshi

Andalusia - region situated between two continents and bathed by two oceans. The name dates from the short period of the presence of the Vandals (409-429 BC). Before these settle Phoenicians (900 BC), Greeks (600 BC) and Romans (3rd century B.C.- 4th century A.C.) there, later on reigned the Visigoths for almost two centuries (5th.-7th.) and finally conquered the Arabs (711 - 1492) the whole region, leaving the most impressive testimonies in Andalusia. With the Spanish-Christian reconquest, Andalusia became the launching point for the discovery and conquest of the "New Eorld". This marks the beginning of the golden age.

Visit the Alhambra, the "red or crimson castle", or fortress "by the light of torches". Created initially for military purposes, the Alhambra complex of Moorish monarchs in Granda was an alcazaba (fortress), an alcázar (palace), and a small medina (city), all in one. Our guide points out the richness of its architecture. Built around a theme of paradise on earth, the Alhambra is an eye-opening experience, and a unique opportunity to compare both Muslim and Western architectural styles as the Nasrid Palace is next to the Renaissance palace of Charles V.
€ 45
Cordoba's hour of greatest glory was when it became the capital of the Moorish kingdom of El-Andalus, and this was when work began on the Great Mosque, becoming one of the largest in all of Islam. When the Christians reconquered the city in 1236, the city's new rulers were so awed by its beauty that they left it standing, building their cathedral in the midst of its rows of arches and columns, creating the extraordinary church-mosque we see today.

Flamenco Dance & Dinner
Flamenco was born, in southern Spain, between Seville, Cadíz and Granada. Through extraordinary, passionated dance to Spanish guitar music, gypsies expressed the sadness of their downtrodden lives. Good food, attentive service, as show that ranges from sultry to dramatic to sensual to heartbreaking dancing. A perfect combination, right!?
€ 75
Lisboa offers its visitors an endless selection of things to see and do. Both the lovers of daytime outings and those who prefer nightlife will be spoilt for choice: the city offers a wide variety of museums and monuments, parks and gardens, and internati

Seville certainly is one of the most beloved places by visitors to Spain. Although today Moorish influence is architectonically most evident - Andalusia was occupied by Moors for about 800 years - it has been a cultural center long before. The fertility of this land and its favorised climate with mild winters and about 3000 hours of sun per year made Phoenicians and Carthaginians settle here. Later came Romans, like almost to any place in Europe, and two of their emperors, Trajan and Hadrian, in fact were born here. Also lateron Seville was the home of famous and infamous figures of history, the legendary "Don Juan" started from here to conquer the hearts of women across all Europe, while Columbus started from a port close to Seville to discover a new world. Prosper Merimée's "Carmen", who couldn't make her decision between the officer Don José and the bullfighter Escamillo - the consequences you can watch still today in opera houses - was a worker in Seville's old tobacco factory. By the way, this factory serves today as University, a fact that might give you a glimpse on Andalusian talent for improvisation. Some highlights are the Real Alcázar, THe minaret of La Giralda, Puente de Isabel II and much more..

Abundant beach front cafés (called Chiringuitos) selling fried fish, snacks and refreshments, which is just as well as the walk back from the main beach into the town centre is uphill all the way. There are bars in abundance proclaiming their heritage to one nationality of another; Irish, English, Dutch, German you name it Torremolinos is likely to have it. The busy nightclubs pump out the latest music and stay open until dawn or even later. Make no mistakes Torremolinos is about having fun.

Get ready to be amazed by the epic history and natural beauty of Sintra. It was the summer residence of the Portuguese Kings for six centuries. We visit Pena Palace standing out as the renowned jewel in the crown of the Sintra Hills, surrounded by a magical forest. A local guide leads the way and explains the ins and outs of this colorful landmark.
€ 30
Explore Tangier, the gateway to Africa. In the port of Tarifa we are embarking the fast ferry that will take us to cross the Strait of Gibraltar with the final destination to be greeted by our local guide at the port of Tangier. Together we discover the unique beauty and lively atmosphere of the historical Moroccan city. We are strolling through the old part of the town, passing the Kasbah, stopping at native bazaars, and using the opportunity to taste local food. A panoramic bus tour Cabo Espartel brings us to Cabo Espartel, where we stop to admire the magical union between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic before we return to the port. A valued passport is required for this excursion
€ 110

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