Scotland's Best Via Amsterdam

Europe's Northwest couldn't be more diverse and yet intriguingly intertwined as is experienced on this unique trip setting the scene for the holidays.

Highlands of Scotland
Isle of Skye
St. Andrews
(*)Subject to change
 Apex Grassmarket Hotel
Day: 3

Cruise Overnights are based on 4 bed inside cabins, see Upgrades for more options.

English Breakfast
English Breakfast

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Evening departure from selected pickup locations

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Amsterdam - Cruise to Newcastle, England

Newcastle - Edinburgh

The Highlands

The Hadrian wall - Newcastle

Amsterdam - Brussels - Return

A network of charming canals, stunning waterfronts and architecture, lush green parks, museums, history, fantastic food, and a great nightlife make Amsterdam an excellent place for everybody’s taste.

Anne Frank House
The museum dedicated to keeping Anne Frank's story alive uses modern media to provide educational background information about Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. The young Jewish girl's diary is on display. The actual hiding place of the family is accessible and a place of reflection.

Canal Ride in A'dam
Lined with beautiful 17th and 18th-century houses and crossed by hundreds of bridges, the canals are a gorgeous sight and a focal point for Amsterdammers and visitors alike. A canal ride offers a unique window into the city's history and the lifestyle of its residents.
€ 12
Bastogne & Memorial
The siege of Bastogne, a small Belgium town in the Ardennes, was part of the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. Visitors of the small town now can trace history, walking through the World War II battlefields, touring the Bastogne War Museum, and honoring the memory of American soldiers at Mardasson Memorial.
€ 12
Belgian Chocolate
Ensure you buy genuine handmade Belgian chocolates that are not made anywhere else. There are thousands of varieties to choose from and endless choices to be made. While sightseeing and walking between monument stop by at chocolate shops and find your favored.

Belgium's rich history has left impressive architecture and art, dating back to the early Middle Ages. Three distinct linguistic regions developed with three official languages: Flemish-Dutch, French, and German. Count in English as a 4th unofficial language and explore the country.

Medieval buildings share the pavements with striking modern structures, making it one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. The Scottish capital is a center of culture and the arts and is especially well-known for its festivals.

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle is one of the oldest fortified places in Europe. Battles and sieges were fought over it, royalty lived and died within its walls, and countless generations have been and inspired by it. It is alive with many exciting tales with a long, rich history as a royal residence, military garrison, prison, and fortress.
€ 18
Excursions to the Highlands
A scenic day where rugged mountains and wooded slopes are reflected in the waters of lochs. We start our day in "Braveheart" country, past Bannockburn and Stirling with its crag-top castle. This is Scotland's heritage capital, where the Wars of Independence.
€ 45
La Grand Place
La Grand Place is the central, geographic, and historic heart of Brussels and one of the most memorable squares in Europe. The French army in 1695 almost destroyed the trading center. It was resurrected over time and is now a wonderful hotch-potch of Gothic, opulent baroque, neoclassical, neogothic architecture. UNESCO added the place to the list of World Heritage sites.


Note: Unless included is an optional excursion package, listed highlights may be require entrance fees to access that can be paid for locally and may be subject to availability and holiday closures.

(4th July )


Ramstein, Shell Station (Autohof), off A6, Landstuhl exit #13 (parking fee €5/day) 11:45 PM
Kaiserslautern West Park & Ride, gps: Mitfahrerparkplatz Kaiserslautern West A 6 / B 270, Kaiserslautern-West, 67663 Kaiserslautern 11:15 PM
Katterbach Kaserne, Main Gate, Airfield, Airfield GPS Neukirchen Strasse, 91522 Katterbach - follow sign towards Airfield 5:00 PM
Baumholder, Wagon Wheel Theater 10:00 PM
Grafenwoehr Front Gate, Neue Amberger Strasse 109, 92655 Grafenwoehr (Mc Donald Parking lot) 6:00 PM
6:30 PM
9:00 PM
Spangdahlem Main Gate AB, Visitor Center 11:55 PM
Wiesbaden, Corner Washingtonstrasse/John-F-Kennedy Strasse, Wiesbaden 65189 11:45 PM
Landtuhl Regional Medical Center, Dr. Hitzelberger Strasse (Gate 3) 66849 Landstuhl 11:30 PM
Vogelweh, Mc Donalds, GPS Im Haderwald 15, Kaiserslatuern 11:15 PM
Stuttgart 6:00 AM

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